We are huge salmon lovers in this house! Poppy isn’t as keen but Charlie loves it – his fav is smoked salmon,  he also loves sushi or sashimi just for the salmon! I love it too,  not wild salmon though – that stuff is gross it tastes earthy and doesn’t really flake, I was clearly not around during the war but I bet it tastes like that fish they stock piled and ended up giving to cats – snoek. I love that melt in the mouth texture nicely cooked Scottish or Norwegian salmon has. 

Lidl seems to still be the cheapest place I have gone to buy salmon, frozen, hot smoked or fresh. I mostly do a Tesco online shop so have to make do with their prices. This week they had 3 for £10. 

I fancied something a bit spicy. My neighbour spends half the year in Thailand and brings back lovely spices. He gave me a bag of red, spicy, tangy stuff which I am not quite sure what it contains. As most of you won’t have this magic powder, I would probably use a bit of Baharat – or Ras El Hanout

2 salmon fillets

Sesame oil

Seasoning of your choice 

Sesame seeds

Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 200 degrees 

Place both fillets in an oven proof dish skin side down.

Rub a glug of sesame oil on to the fillet – top, sides and bottom.

Sprinkle your seasoning on the top side of the salmon, then a pinch of salt.

Finally get a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds and sprinkle over the top of the seasoning until they are fully covered.

Now place in the oven for 13 -15 mins until the salmon is cooked through and the seeds are golden.

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