I chuffing love salmon – smoked, hot smoked, raw – whatever, it’s amazing and it’s the only fish I know for certain my husband will enjoy. Charlie loves it but not pops so I mainly cook it for adult meals only.

This recipe – and really I can’t even call it that is so darn tasty and super duper fast. If your kids eat salmon you could just leave out the chilli and hey presto – a lush healthy meal in around 30 mins.

whole side of salmon 

tbsp heaped chopped garlic – I use the frozen

tbsp heaped chilli again I use frozen

tbsp heaped ginger (frozen) tbsp heaped coriander (frozen)


Preheat oven to 200 degrees 

Place the side of salmon skin side up and massage in some olive oil. Turn it over and do the same.

Then lay it on a baking try with the skin facing down. Then just sprinkle and rub in all the ingredients. I found that garlic, chilli and ginger paste were also good to spread on to the salmon 

Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. From then on keep checking. It depends on the the thickness of the fish as to how long it’s cooked. But you want it to be flaky and tender not dried out.

I usually serve this up with rice, salad and broccoli 


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