My name is Kristina. I live in South East London with my husband, two young children and our dogs. I like to cook. I have always been making and creating food from as far back as I can remember.

My mother is German, she’s an amazing baker and cook and I have grown up eating everything from hearty slow cooked meat dishes, with dumplings and strudels, through to fresh, crisp summer salads. Though her native country is Germany, my parents have a house in Italy so whenever we go over to theirs for lunch or supper we are always treated to an eclectic choice of foods.

Flavour is at the top of my list when making meals. You’ll often hear me say things like “rhubarb is friends with ginger” or “feta is friends with butternut squash”. But I also spend time thinking about health and making good tasty family food which is easy to prepare. In a nutshell, this blog is about flavour, family and simplicity.

Before we had children, I knew I would want them to share my  love of the kitchen. But like many things I’ve learnt since having kids, those parental wishes don’t always go in the direction you’d hope.

My son Charlie loves eating anything and everything but doesn’t share my passion for culinary creativity, whilst my daughter Poppy, loves getting stuck in but isn’t as keen on eating things … unless they contain sugar.

Anyone can cook – it’s all about taste, smell and not being afraid to just have a go. I always encourage those who lack confidence in the kitchen by saying “what’s the worst that can happen”.

I know lots of people who are too scared to even slightly deviate from a recipe in case it goes wrong. Over the years I have altered recipes and experimented – plenty of things have gone wrong along the way but they usually end up perfectly edible. Sometimes the only thing stopping you is fear … dont’ let it.

I’m visually impaired which means that some aspects of life can cause a few more challenges sometimes but the kitchen is a great leveller. You don’t have to be able to see miles to be a great cook!

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