There’s something really nice about smoked paprika, I love it’s colour and it tastes really BBQ -y without being full of fake flavours. Be careful though, a little goes a long way. If I am honest, I love the tin that La Chinata Paprika comes in too and so does Pops she has a stock pile of them in her toy shop which I give her once they are empty. They are the perfect size for pretend play and great for  storing treasured items  inside. The Colemans mustard tin is also fab for this too!

Back to the recipe, I tend to buy chicken breasts and cut them up into cubes for this. Great tip here if you didn’t already do so. Have a dedicated pair of scissors for the kitchen it is actually  easier cutting certain food with them rather than using a knife. I use them for, chicken, fish, herbs, peppers and cutting naan bread into pieces for the kids.

500g chicken

Squeezy honey

Glug Soy sauce 

Teaspoon Smoked paprika 

Pinch of Salt 

Squirt of Tomato purée 

Teaspoon Chilli flakes 

So, chop your chicken in to pieces 

Place it in a zip lock bag with a good glug of olive oil (enough to coat it nicely as this will be the only fat used). 

To the bag bung in a good pinch of salt, a heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika. A good sprinkle of chilli flakes if cooking for grown ups, a squeeze of tomato purée, glut of soy sauce and squirt of honey Seal the bag and schmush altogether.

Heat your frying pan add the coated chicken 

Chop up a large red onion and fry that too

Once the meat is cooked through add 6 stuffed sweet chilies a handful of pine nuts 

Stir it around until everything is cooked.

Add some fresh flat leaf parsley if you like and serve with one of my fav tilda pouches or puy lentils 

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