Meringues are a hit with most people although not my husband he hates them and tells me it gives his teeth an electric shock – I literally have no idea what he’s going on about and am not sure if I am remembering this correctly the sugar may burn his mouth – I mean, this is what I have to deal with!!!!!

Literally everyone else loves this dessert though – so easy and so blinking lush. You can exchange the berries for pear halves and you don’t need to use fresh, buy tinned but in juice not syrup.

4 large egg whites

115g caster sugar

115g icing sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the topping

1 /2 pint of double cream 

Fruit of your choice 

A handful of roasted and chopped hazelnuts 

75g of dark chocolate 

I do this with my KitchenAid – you can do it by hand obvs, but it’s too much like hard work!

Preheat your oven to 100 degrees C

Make sure your bowl is spotlessly clean or the egg whites will not fluff up. Also make sure you have no yolk either, again the whites will not turn.

Pour the egg whites in to the bowl and beat until peaked.

Add the vanilla extract

Slowly add the sugar – don’t over beat – the mixture should appear glossy.  

Next fold in the icing sugar by hand, this is quick and easy 

Spread out evenly over a baking sheet and cook for 1hr 15 until it is light coffee colour and sounds crisp if you tap it.

Beat the cream until peaked,  then spread it evenly over the top add your fruit, then  melt 75g  of chocolate and flick it all over the top.

Sprinkle over your chopped nuts – done!

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