I love going out for Thai food, but find it hard getting the same flavours at home though. One of my most fav things to try and make are those lovely bowls of soup with noodles and veggies and coconut milk etc ….. I do the classic thing of adding my ingredients,not paying attention re quantities, it tasting delish and never being able to recreate  it ever again!

Then today I discovered seaweed in tempura, oh my days, a total game changer although high in calories. Imagine pork scratchings, it’s a little like that!

What I would say, if you want to give this a go, is have a play about, season how you like. Use my recipe as more of an inspiration to create your own deliciousness!

For the soup 

3 bulbs of crushed garlic 

A large chunk of finely chopped ginger 

2 sachets of yellow miso paste 

A splash of Soy sauce 

Juice of 1 large lime 

Sesame oil 

1 can of coconut milk 

1/3 can of water 

1 tablespoon green curry paste 

1 tablespoon sesame oil

Add everything in pot together and simmer for about 8 mins

I like to place all my ingredients on top rather and add them to the soup but it’s up to you 

If cooking Individually I get my steamer 

Cook noodles in the water 

Sugar snaps beans and baby corn in another  and chopped mushrooms at the top.

I steam for about 6 mins.

At the same time I hard boil my eggs

You add salmon, chicken if this is the  case cook it in your preferred way.

Finely chop some chilli and ginger into strips 

Pour in the soup part and then add your bits and pieces! Enjoy!

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