I am about to make some spicy nuts for tonight to go in a salad. They are just great to pick at as I am trying to cut down on sugar and go more protein based. 

The great thing about these, is that there are no precise ingredients, you can use whichever types of herbs, spices and nuts you like, when I make them for the kids they are obvs quite mild, I crank up the heat for adult palates. 

My two would just keep eating these until the bowl is empty – v moorish. It’s fine by me  ( better than a packet of haribos – only marginally though!!)  The protein fills them up  quickly  and there are no weird colourings or preservatives  which will cause them to go crazy and me in turn to loose the plot.

Lidl are fab for nuts, they sell great big resealable pouches of mixed nuts, pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts for around £2.50 which cost way more from any other supermarket. I find that you frequently can buy nuts that are rancid, stale or just old and do not taste nice but Lidl nuts  always taste fresh.

Preheat the oven to around 160 degrees

200g bag of nuts, mixed are nice as you get different, shapes and textures

1 tablespoon or big squirt of honey

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon tumeric

1 teaspoon garamasala 

1/2 a teaspoon of cumin

1 tablespoon of liquid knorr chicken concentrate

A good plug of olive oil

Chilli powder if you wish to make them spicy

Grab a ziplock bag,

tip in the nuts

Add all the ingredients 

Seal the bag and massage so the mixture coats everything evenly

Pour out on to a baking tray so all nuts are evenly distributed 

Bake for around 15 mins and then keep checking as they can go from not looking too cooked to being burnt quite quickly

Play around with the quantities and flavours, this is what I like but the possibilities are endless, you can also buy herb mixes and rubs, I will as some point mix together  some  marmite nuts …. Please let me know what you have done I would love to get some ideas.

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