Yikes – we have run out of bread and I thought I booked my shop for today. I have was sitting here for about 45 mins today getting cross that the Tesco driver was running late and not informing me and was. just about to call for and update when I checked my account and it’s for tomorrow…… grrr we are going to have  a Chuck it together day. My cupboards are bare and I have a house of starving people. My sharing bread always does the trick.  As long as you have time for the rising process you can get this on the go with little effort. 

I use the ready to. roast veggies for ease but anything works 

700g strong white flour

2 sachets of yeasts

400 ml Luke warm water 

3 tablespoon Olive oil


Tray of ready to bake roasted veggies

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees centigrade 

Place your roasted veggies in the oven as per instructions on packet.

Make up your dough with all ingredients except the veggies in a stand mixer or by hand.

Leave to rise for a good hour and a half 

Place on parchment paper and shape however you like leaving it about  3 cm think.

Rub olive on to the dough and grind some sea salt.

Add the roasted veggies ensuring you leave all liquid behind.

Place in the oven for 20 mins.

It will be golden on top

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