You know those little round gold wrapped mints in a circular box that your granny always used to buy – please say you do? well I fancied making some, so easy and really delish if you like that dark mint combo. We are big fans in this house and they look like you have put way more effort then you actually have into them! The only stipulation I would put in place is  to buy peppermint extract (I got the organic) rather than essence, which is synthetically made and probably contain goodness knows what.


150g white chocolate

150g really good dark chocolate 70% stuff is mighty fine but if you like it not so strong go around 50% (the choc in Lidl is fab and around 99p for a 100g bar

3 tbsp demerara sugar

½ tsp peppermint flavouring

Melt the white chocolate and dark chocolate separately in the microwave – keep checking every 10 seconds as they can suddenly become  burnt

Once melted leave to one side 

Line a large baking tray with  parchment 

mix the sugar and   peppermint in a small bowl, add half into each bowl of chocolate.

Pour blobs of white chocolate then dark chocolate on to the baking tray to form a slab – use a cocktail stick to join them all together letting the dark and white bleed into each other.

Put aside in a cool place and leave for a good 3 hours. Once hardened break up into shards and scoff!

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