Do you  have something you think only your family does? I hadn’t thought about the drink my grandfather used to make us when we were children for years.  I thought he made it up especially for us but it turns out “Pussyfoot” is very much a thing and was named after William “pussyfoot” Johnson an American Prohibitionist campaigning against  alcohol consumption in the 1920s. 

My kids have never had this and I had to make it – it takes me way back to all my family childhood Christmases. My grandpa was very much into his food and a talented man  – he was head of catering for Her Majesty the Queen and later went on to own a very successful pub. I think I may have inherited my love of cooking from my mum and grandfather jointly.

My kids went crazy for this. You can make it as zingy or sweet as you like. I went zingy – although I think my kids have lost the plot  from all the sugar consumed. They usually only drink water and so this was a real treat. I hope I can pass the tradition on to them.

1 can diet lemonade 

3 cups freshly squeezed orange juice 

4 tablespoons grenadine 

Juice of 2 limes

Grab a jug and mix well!

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