I wouldn’t class these as cooking but they are a great festive activity to do with the kids.  That being said if you have OCD tendencies when sprinkles and silver balls enter your kitchen maybe this one isn’t for you. I made ‘em a good few days ago and still keep coming across those pesky little 1980s trifle topper ballbearings!

100g white chocolate

Dash of green food gel

Pretzel sticks

Decorations of your choice

Top tip

Don’t pipe too thinly or space your branches too far apart of they will just be too delicate and fall apart when picked up. A thick layer works well

Gel colours work better then food colouring as they are thicker and more vivid. Regular food colour can change the texture of the chocolate too

Melt your chocolate

Add the gel to whichever shade you like

Pour into a piping bag

Lay your pretzel stick on grease proof paper and pipe back and forth in to the shape of a tree

Decorate and leave to set for about 30 mins!

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