If you are my husband and  looking forward to a soup with no fish – you will not like this. What a love though, he grinned and bared it and ate the whole lot.

I guess this tastes a bit like a chowder, maybe or a smoked haddock soup. If you don’t like fishy things, click away now!

I love a warming soup and I can’t get enough of different textures in food. With this you have the soft, floury potatoes, firmer leeks and melt in the mouth salmon. It’s a bowl full of goodness I tell you!!!!

4 medium potatoes 

2 pints of full fat milk 

1 fish stock cube

A pinch of bouillon 

3 leeks

50g butter 


2 salmon fillets 

Peel and chop the potatoes in to cubes

Wash and chop the leeks removing all grit. 

Add the butter to the pan, melt and chuck in the leeks.

Cooked until they have browned slightly 

Add the potatoes, milk, stock cube bouillon and skinned cubes salmon pieces 

Put on low and cook for about 40 mins

Serve piping hot.

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