I wouldn’t call these remotely healthy, think of an enrobed  flapjack and a golf ball cut in half and slathered with chocolate. Yeah, that is pretty much the shape of these oaty beauts

We have a bit of sweet, a bit of salty, a bit of crunch and a touch of smoothness going on – a texture to suit everybody’s requirements!

I am trying to make little treats for after school snacks for the children rather than buying whacking big biscuits or packets of things. They have gone down well. But then I get – “seeing as they are little can I have 3!” This defeats the purpose. My husband doesn’t have an “off” switch and has made a sterling job of attempting to demolish the whole cookie jar of these.

Top tips

1 no need to be accurate with ingredients

2 add ingredients you like, have a play about

3 choose your shape – they are hard to form as so sticky. I used silicon cake pop half moulds but you could make a flapjack traybake and once cooked pour the chocolate over the top.

4 don’t over cook they go hard and chewy

5 don’t eat too much of the mixture raw – you will want to vom!!!!

300g oats

150ml melted coconut oil

2 big handfuls of coconut shavings or strips or whatever you call them

2 tablespoon ses ame seeds

3 cut medjool dates

4/5 tablespoon golden syrup or agave nectar

3/4 teaspoon salt or adjust accordingly

100g dark chocolate chips or a bar cut finely

100g melted choc for enrobing

First of all toast your sesame seeds and coconut in a dry frying pan. It takes about 2 minutes on a low heat. The sesame seeds start to pop so be careful they don’t fly everywhere

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave

Now add all the ingredients in a bowl together.

Use your preferred shape and add the mixture accordingly

Cook for 12 mins if cake pop size. If flapjack size keep checking after the same out of time every couple of mins. You want it to stick together but not be over cooked

Once slightly golden round the edges remove from oven

Leave to cool

Melt your chocolate and either dip each one in or pour over the top

place a few coconut shavings on top

Leave to set

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