Not at lot to say here – my husband is obsessed with mushrooms, he would have them every day of the week for most meals. I am not as keen, as I have mentioned before their gills freak me out!!! Tesco do a really nice Finest mushroom this time of year called  Forestiere. They have a lovely flavour – which I can’t describe and the texture isn’t slimy either. My children are not keen on any fungus related food, so when we cook with them it’s usually when the kids are not around. This recipe is so quick and very easy to throw together

Top tip

Don’t not over cook the garlic – it will taste bitter and nasty

250g flavoursome mushrooms sliced

3 cloves of crushed garlic

A large knob of butter

1 tablespoon fresh thyme

75g feta cheese

500g pasta

2 tablespoon pine nuts

Fry the mushrooms and garlic and thyme together

Empty the frying pan of mushrooms and dry fry the pine nuts until slightly browned

Boil your pasta

Drain the pasta.

Place some pasta in a bowl pile the with mushrooms, scatter with pine nuts and grate some feta on top

Serve straight away

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