Ok, so it’s not exactly In a bleak mid winter outside, but I would like to think I can recreate coziness by eating loads of soup!

Broccoli is my all time fav veg,  Poppy goes crazy for it. She would munch on a whole bowl of it instead of crisps or other snacks. And Stilton, well I have a long history with that cheese. When I was  8 I was really poorly in hospital for a month. My parents asked me if there was anything I really wanted as a treat. All I could think of was a Popeye lunch box and Stilton sandwiches! Fast forward to the birth of my first child. Obvs I hadn’t consumed blue cheese for 9 months. I had a horrible crash section, Charlie was in special care but amongst the emotion, all I craved was Stilton. My husband obliged, he went home and returned with a huge block which I proceeded to take a massive chunk out of! Then, with Pops I had an elective section and packed a wedge of it in my hospital bag!! 

2 heads of broccoli 

150g of nature Stilton 

350g milk

1 vegetable stock cube

350g broccoli water

Grind of Pepper 

For the walnut crumble topping 

75g crushed walnuts 

A large squirt of garlic purée 

1/2 teaspoon of chilli flakes 

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Olive oil 

Cook the broccoli until really soft – retain 350 of the water you cooked it in. 

Remove the broccoli and place in a blender.

Add the stock cube to the retained water and keep on the heat until it’s dissolved.

Then add this to the blender and blitz up until you have a smooth consistency.

Pour back into the pot you boiled the broccoli in and add the Stilton. Then pour in the milk and keep on a medium heat until the cheese has disappeared and the soup is hot all the way through.

For the walnut crumble topping

Heat a pan with oil 

In another bowl add the crushed walnuts, garlic, salt and chilli as and mix so the nuts are all coated 

Add to the pan and cook until the nuts are golden brown.

Sprinkle over the soup to serve 

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