Can I put it out there that there are few and far between supermarket quiches that are actually tasty? It’s mostly the pastry that is the letdown, stodgy, with no flavour.  If you like a buttery, super short crust give this a go.  mince pies, jam tarts you name it, all use the family recipe!

It’s so delicious and never goes wrong.

As far as the filling, you can use so many combos, broccoli and Stilton, smoked haddock and extra mature cheddar, tomato and green pesto. I will share these too some time! For  today  I chose salmon and spinach.

Top tips

  1. Remember to blind cook the pastry to avoid soggy bottoms!
  2. Do not over fill the case with egg mixture
  3. It’s easiest to make the dough in a mixer

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees centigrade

For the pasty

340g plain flour

170g salted butter

1 egg

Place all ingredients l into a bowl and either use your hands to mix. Use your finger tips to crumble all together.

Keep going until a dough has formed

Place in the fridge to chill for 30 mins for easier handling.

Flour a rolling pin and worktop and roll out until roughly 1cm thick.

Cut round the flan  dish you are using and then place the pastry inside making sure it’s all flat.

Press the pastry into the sides of the dish so it goes over the top of the edge

Grab a knife and place it flat but slightly at an angle so you can trim the pastry to look neat.

Prick with a fork so it does rise and crack

Place in an oven for 12 minutes

Until it’s got some colour and hardened

For the filling

9 free range eggs

75g extra vintage cheddar

6 tablespoons creme fraiche

3 tablespoons double cream

1 bag washed spinach

2 salmon fillets


Pepper teaspoon grain mustard

Mix all ingredients well together except the salmon

Pour in to the pastry case, then cut the salmon and place on top

cook for 25 mins approx

It’s ready when the egg mixture has firmed up and is springy to touch

Nice served hot or cold.

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