Hasselback tomatoes

I am not sure if I hasselback tomatoes are a thing or something I just made up. Let’s pretend that I have just created the newest food fad!

I love tomatoes, particularly when  cooked, and  they have that real intense flavour after being in the oven for a long time.

I do think it’s worth investing in a nice tomato – there is nothing worse than biting into something that is woolly and flavourless.  This rule goes for canned toms too.  There is definitely a difference between the lower end of the market and tins that cost a little more. I find the cheaper ones can taste very metallic and contain more juice than tomato pulp.

This recipe is so quick and so easy it’s a joke!

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Preheat the oven to hot!! About 220 degrees

2 beef tomatoes 

2 balls of mozzarella

Olive oil 

Dried basil 

1 tablespoon of chopped capers 

1 tablespoon of finely chopped tomato

Salt and pepper to season 

Cut the tomato into thin slices that don’t reach the bottom. You can achieve this by sticking a skewer or cocktail stick from one end to the other about 1cm from the bottom (so it’s going through the radius) this will enable a knife to go down to your desired point without cutting all the way through

Cut your mozzarella in to the same amount of slits you have in your tomato.

Place a slice of the cheese into each slit along with a few bit of caper and garlic. Repeat until each slit is filled 

Place in a backing tin, drizzle olive oil liberally over the top, season with the herbs, salt and pepper and place in an oven for around 45 mins or until it’s golden and very squishy. The longer you cook it for the better!


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